Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The best of Europe in 2014

It is good to see Ljubljana among the Lonely Planet's 10 best travel destinations in Europe. :-)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Guardian of the mountain nature

One day in winter I found a call for applications for the guardians of the mountain nature. I have no idea why I found this good, but I applied for it. So I spent three weekends with 20 other pupils, each time in another mountain hut. It is true that I had known more than half of what I heard but it was good to hear other perspectives, too. Most of my schoolfriends were rather boring, maybe because all of them (except Ž who was my schoolfriend, too) were sent to the course by their mountaineering society.
I have no idea how I will be able to help to protect the mountain nature but I am sure that this chance will eventually come. If nothing else I can warn people not to bath in the Alpine lakes or pick the plants in the national park. It is tempting, I know, but it is forbidden. Do we really have to destroy everything just for our pleasure?

I still have an essay to write, and for this reason I will have to go to the mountains quite often. Which is, of course, a pleasure even when I think of it now.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A guitarist

When life is good then we have to make the best of the time we have. One of the things I am busy with at the moment is also learning how to play a guitar. I attended a guitar course a couple of years ago but then we only learnt how to play the chords. This time we are learning how to read the tabs and try to play the guitar this way, which is quite more complicated but far more fun.
I have to say that our young teacher Nina is very patient with us. My fingers are sore from an everday playing but it is well worth it. If I tell you that I spend at least one hour a day playing guitar then you know everything. It feels like magic!

Monday, April 28, 2014

You would be mine

In March I met a man who is a descendant of one of the famous aristocratic, blue blooded families. He gave me his book about the Slovenian mythology as a present. It’s an interesting read but it takes a lot of time to go through the small letters and absorb so much information.
I met this man once again about a week ago. He brought me a crate of beer which he brews, and he said to me, looking frankly into my eyes: “If you didn’t have a boyfriend, you would be mine.” Without any doubt the domineering blood of his ancestors runs through his veins! And what I find it very interesting is this that the Universe keeps sending me men who are Lions, or their Ascendants are in the Lion, all the time (well, Ž is an exception). I just wonder why. Would the Lion be a perfect match for me or just another difficult trial in my life?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring fever

Not only people, also cats become tired in spring.
I have a photo of my garden which was taken recently. But I won’t publish it because the garden looks really dreadful in it. As the landscape where I live keeps subsiding (mostly because of the new house constructions - four houses are usually build on a place where only one should stand; this is also a reason why my garden is so small) we had to put a new layer of soil in our garden. This means that a new grass had to be sown. Now the future grass is covered by a veil, so that the seeds are not eaten by the sparrows. As this veil is warm also when it’s cold, Pikec loves sleeping on it. Though, I hope that April rain will soon make our garden green and nice again.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

German language

I learnt German in the secondary school. It was a pity that I didn’t like the language because we had quite many hours of German then. Although I had the highest grades I never really learnt it properly. I understand most of it in an everyday conversation but I’ve never tried to speak or write it. Most people can speak English, so I usually help myself with it. They speak German and I speak English. It works alright.
But when I am trying to apply for different kinds of jobs, fluently speaking German is very often a demand (probably also to make a selection, not because it would be actually indispensable for the job itself). That’s why I applied for a German course. I am glad that I am not the only one there who stutters and seeks the correct words to form a sentence (besides, we are all unemployed in our group). But I am not very sure that I will be able to speak German fluently after this course. In any case I will try to do the best I can.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

In the woods

Some said I was too late but actually I was just in time. Bear’s garlic covered the ground in the woods again. Lovely sight, especially if one plans to pick full basket of it.
Though, there was more than that. There were also all those beautiful flowers which usually bloom in spring, and beside this the birds were singing their spring songs.
It was so peaceful, the sounds around me so soothing. I will have to return, soon.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spanish language

Autumn was a bit desperate season in my life when I also tried to apply for a Spanish course in one of the libraries. It was already full on the first day when the invitation was published. I tried again a couple of months later. The same story again – full. Then I received an invitation in the middle of March. This time I was lucky. We started with the course two weeks ago, again from the beginning, and it is much easier as it was last year. We practice a lot and we learn slowly.

It is weird how attracted I am by the foreign languages lately; I also flipped through the pages of “Step by step - Russian” which still patiently waits for Ž to open it.
Russian is at the moment one of the most popular languages in Slovenia because so many (usually rich and arrogant) tourists from Russia visit this country. It is probably not that difficult to learn it because many words are similar in Slovenian, but in spite of this I am more attracted to Italian or French than to any Slavic languages.
(The photo was taken during the Carnival in Ljubljana when also the Russians were presenting us their culture in the Week of Russian culture.)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Purple beauty

One of those things that I hardly miss each year is this:

Meadows of Fritillaria meleagris. They keep disappearing because of greedy farmers who change marshy meadows into corn fields. They get high subsidies for those fields and our government keeps doing this in spite of repeated reminding from different organizations and individuals that they keep destroying our environment with this. It is not very pleasant to live in this corruptive country anymore where some steal and most are (literally) hungry.

These purple beauties have almost stopped flowering by now. But hopefully they will be there, in full bloom, next year again.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring time

I guess it is time to write a post a two again because spring has finally arrived (the swallows, too) and life seems to be a bit better. Busy, that’s what I can say about my life at the moment, and it will be even bussier in April and May. I spent lots of time outside in the past few weeks; temperatures were very high for March, around 20 degrees C, which actually suits me very well as I have always been a seeker of warmth and sun. The spring is early this year and Easter is late. Though, the cold can still come. My mom has already sown some seeds but I think that for our boggy area this is a bit too early. Floods can still come. I will wait with sowing a couple of weeks more because also the soil will be warmer then.
And here’s some news. At the beginning of March I attended a training to qualify myself as a guide in Ljubljansko barje (the Ljubljana moor - so, the area I live in). It lasted four days and after that we also had to attend two guided tours to get the certificates which prove that we are the guides. Coincindentaly I had to lead a part of one of these excursions.

The sad news about being a guide for this area is that I can’t live on that. There are too many guides and not enough people who would pay for the guidance. Nevermind, I had a good experience with this training and met some wonderful and very capable people. Besides I learned so many new things about the Ljubljana moor that it was really worth spending four days indoors and listening to the lectures.